Activities Done For The Adolescents

Teens clinic

Every Friday 2pm - 4pm

Activities in TEEN’s Clinic
  • Health check up
  • Immunization
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Stress Management
  • Counseling
  • Family life education
  • Career counseling
  • School Health check up Done by Residents & Faculty Members
School Health check up Done by Residents & Faculty Members

  • 1 lakh children in CME school – Kirki.
  • Screening done for congenital heart disease.
  • Assay for nutritional status.
  • Deworming medicines given.
  • Supplements like Iron, Vitamin A, B-complex given.
  • Collaboration with PCMC for health check up for students in corporation school.

TEEN’s Day Celebration

1st August 2008

  • inauguration of TEEN’s clinic. By the auspicious hands of Mrs.Mane
  • “TEEN’s clinic” board unveiled.
  • Release of Adolescent Health card released by the auspicious hands of Dean Dr. (Brig.) Amarjeet Singh, & the Registrar Dr. B.S. Mane.
  • Talk on “Effective Parenting” by Dr. Suresh Mehta A.P. from Dept of Psychiatry.
  • Various research projects on Adolescents were announced.
  • Programme concluded by the address of Dr. Jagdish Dhekne – President of IAP
1st August 2009

  • Release of questionnaire on Life style Diseases.
  • Debate on “ Satchya Aat Gharat”
  • Various undergraduate students participated actively- Express their views on this sensitive topic.
Award For Teens Day Celebration

  • Report of Teen’s day celebration was well appreciated in state level conference of IAP in Mahabaleshwar in 2009.
  • The Award of BEST ADOLESCENT BRANCH was given to IAP Pune Branch.
Guest Lecture

  • On Counseling and Guidance in Adolescents given on 29th & 30th December 2008 in the workshop of PG students of Nursing college.
  • Speech given on “Balanced Diet “ in City International School,Pimpri by Dr. Shailaja Mane
Research Project

  • Project on risk factors for life style Diseases in Adolescents completed by Dr. Shailaja Mane. Students Of 11th and 12th Standard of PCMC area were screened.
  • Project submitted to the university of Kerala.
  • Results were published in local news papers.

Results of Research Projects

  • 51% of Adolescent girls are Anemic.
  • Childhood Obesity is associated with high risk of Lifestyle diseases.
  • 94% of students eat bakery items and Fast Food.
  • 70% of students are having negative mental outlook towards life.
  • 58-60% of students are under significant stress.
Life Skills Education Project

  • Project on Life Skill education for students 2009-2010 batch completed for Under Graduate & Nursing students.
  • Childhood Obesity is associated with high risk of Lifestyle diseases.
  • All 1st year MBBS students were given preworkshop questionnaire.
  • Routine health check up of all the students was done.
  • Data analysis was done.

Life skills Education trainers workshop

  • First of its kind in Pune on 24th October 2009.
  • Done in Collaboration with Association of Adolescent & child care in India (ACCII).
  • All 1st year MBBS students were given preworkshop questionnaire.
  • Dr. Swati Bhave, Executive Director of AACCI & her team had given training to the participants.
  • Delegates from all over Maharashtra including various Pediatricians, Obstetricians, Psychiatrists, councilors, Principals, Teachers from Pune, PCMC, Nagpur,Nashik , Mumbai attended the workshop.
  • Faculty members from The Dept. of Pediatrics, PSM, Psychiatry, Gynecology of Dr. D.Y.Patil Medical College,Pimpri Were trained. Inauguration of Pune district branch of AACCI - Dr. Shaiilaja mane declared as coordinator.

LSE Workshop

  • 25th & 26th September 2009.
  • 44 students from 1st year MBBS were participated.
  • On 1st day - Various sessions like understanding life skills, self awareness, problem solving active thinking were taken.
  • Communication skills & how to handle peer pressure were highlighted

Sensitization workshop

  • Arranged by the Dept & AACCI On June 2009 in college Auditorium
  • Guest speaker-Dr.Swati Bhave president of AACCI from Delhi.
  • Teachers from various schools , parents, children & Youth from PCMC & PMC area attended.
  • Burning issues like suicide prevention , Life style Diseases etc addressed.
  • More than 150 delegates had taken the benefit.
Guest lecture on suicide

  • By Dr. Swati Bhave on 9th July 2010 in the college Auditorium for the students, parents & Teachers.
  • Teachers from various schools , parents, children & Youth from PCMC & PMC area attended.
  • Various issues related to suicides like its causes, prevention& precautions were addressed
  • More than 150 delegates had taken the benefit.

Seminar on Suicidal tendencies

  • Burning issue of the time on 22nd January 2010 in the college auditorium.
  • Proper communication with the parents,reducing the fear of examination, improving the patience in students, handling undue expectation of the parents& healthy parent-child relationship etc. were suggested in panel discussion.
Programme for Parents

  • Done at Dr. Nitu Mandke IMA hall Pune on 10th July 2010.
  • Arranged by Dr. S.R.Agarkhedkar-Prof & HOD Dept. of Paediatrics & President of IMA Pune.
  • Various eminent speakers like Dr. Swti Bhawe , & ….& had given valuable guidance.
  • Important topics like suicides in Adolescents, Tobacco & Parenting Adolescents were discussed.
  • More than 80 parents from PMC area had taken the advantage in the interactive question session.

Lecture on suicide preventiontaken by Dr. D.S.Karwa in Vasantdada Patil School Nehrunagar.

Lecture on Swine flu preventiontaken by Dr. S.R.Agarkhedkar & Dr. D.S.Karwa in various school's like VasantDada patil school,NehruNagar, DR. D Y Patil School ,Pimpri .

National Youth Conference of stone query workers on 27th May 2010 in wadgaon Sheri,Pune Speech on Adolescent health given by Dr. D.S.Karwa , Dr. Shailaja Mane, Dr. Shashank Kadam

Adolescent Health Workshop on 27th March 2010Arranged by Child Development Centre Thiruvananthpuram Attended by Dr. Shailaja Mane